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Here are some featured case studies for products I’ve worked on.


Defense Suite

UX Design UI Design Mobile Development

DFS (Security Suite) is designed to help government agencies track and evaluate threat on a national level. The purpose of the software is to give security officers a focused pool of security threats to analyze. From there, officers will be able to…


Big Data Analytics Suite

UX Research UX Design UI Design

BDAS (Big Data Analytics Suite) is a enterprise level data analytics tool for recruiters and managers to quickly assess the various facets of their workflow. This includes geographical data, university data, job board source data, and many others…

Candidate Sourcing Platform

UX Research UX Design UI Design

CSP (Candidate Sourcing Platform) is a HR workflow application built for enterprise clients. The purpose is to allow recruiters to quickly post and manage their jobs on multiple job boards, search for potential candidates, and finally reach out and…



UI Design Product Development

Poqet is an innovative way for customers to purchase items from a vending machine. Users will be able to look for products that are Poqet-connecte within their area, reserve their products directly from their phone, then go pick them up using a PIN…