Kai Huang

Building towards a better internet.

Recently cofounded Supercluster Labs and helped MetaMask launch the Portfolio dApp.

Supercluster Labs

At Supercluster Labs, we're building the tools to enable the future of work. We believe that the future of work will depend on communities of like-minded individuals, all collaborating and building towards the same goal. Supercluster Labs is building the tools to enable this future.

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ConsenSys, Inc

At ConsenSys, we worked on building and delivering the MetaMask Portfolio dApp. MetaMask is already widely recognized as the leading web3 browser wallet. The Portfolio dApp extended its capabilities by providing a web-based application, enabling users to view all their assets across multiple chains and accounts.

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REI, Inc

The outdoors has been a passion of mine for a while. When I had the opportunity to move to Seattle and work at REI, I knew I had to take it. We helped REI deliver engaging account experiences, and innovate on their payment systems.

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