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I’m an experienced product professional with 2 years of experience as a Technical Product Manager and over 3 years of experience as a Product Designer. I have the ability to strategize, lead and execute on the product roadmap across cross-functional teams.

I graduated from University of California, Irvine in 2012 with a finance degree. I realized shortly after I was more interested in the cutting edge landscape of software. This led to self-taught design and full-stack web development. Since then, I’ve helped retail clients design and build websites and mobile apps, built B2B HR analytic software for CareerBuilder, and also build real-time analytic software for worldwide government agencies with Cogility.

I’ve since specialized in technical product management. Pairing my understanding of business with my experience in technologies such as machine learning, data visualization and software development, I’ve been able to help clients build software solutions that provide business value.

In my free time, I blog on Medium, build projects I find interesting, and take photographs. Feel free to contact me if you’ve got an interesting idea.

Cogility Software - Technical Product Manager

2017 - Present

I worked with Cogility Software as their first Technical Product Manager and Lead Designer. Alongside the CEO and COO, I led the design, product roadmap and strategy for two separate product verticals. The first product, Cogynt, is an analytic platform built on top of Apache Flink and Kafka that allows analysts to visually build complex templates to analyze their streaming data. The Cogynt platform has been accepted and adopted into an federal defense program. We have also launched the platform across multiple industry verticals. The second platform, S2T, is an analytic tool allowing law enforcement to proactively monitor audio calls to support investigations.

  • Collaborated with stakeholders to build 3 / 6 / 12 month roadmap for Cogynt and S2T.
  • Developed market strategy for product launch for both Cogynt and S2T on federal and consumer fronts.
  • Cogynt has been adopted into a > $100M federal defense program for cross-agency rollout.
  • S2T has been deployed in 3 separate counties, with > 2M minutes of audio analyzed per month.
  • Defined 13 customer segments for customer development for Cogynt product launch.
  • Initiated feedback practices to capture qualitative and quantitative feedback to ensure KPIs are achieved.
  • Worked with 4 full-stack developers, VP of Engineering, and stakeholders to build baseline metrics for CX and productivity along with 2 core KPIs.
  • Directly managed 1x Technical Writer, 1x Product Designer, and 1x Full Stack Developer for product launch.
  • Researched emerging technologies (e.g. ML, AR/VR, blockchain) to determine new product verticals.
Poqet, Inc - Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

2015 - 2017

I started a B2B SaaS company with 1 other cofounder to develop a centralized platform for on demand marijuana sales and delivery. The idea is to centralize delivery services for dispensaries as well as provide multiple drop-off and pick-up locations for dispensaries to stock inventory and customers to pick-up product. A native mobile app was developed as well as a prototype for a locker device that uses machine learning services for age verification.

  • Developed go to market strategy including MVP roadmap, market segmentation, pricing strategy, and marketing strategy.
  • Developed pricing strategy based on cost analysis, competitor analysis, and potential market.
  • Developed all product briefs and VC pitch decks for presentations, raising over $50,000 for seed investment.
  • Directly manage VP of Engineering to develop prototype for both mobile application and hardware locker functionality.
  • Spoke with multiple cannabis industry professionals to determine product-market fit and gather feedback.
  • Led full UI / UX / Branding design across company
  • Researched all technology verticals and capabilities to determine feasibility and cost.
Broadbean Technology

2015 - 2017

As 1 of 2 Product Designers at Broadbean Technology, I helped guide and lead the UI / UX design for 2 separate products within the company, BDAS and CEP. BDAS is a data analytics suite that allows recruiters to efficienty hire the right candidates and minimize costs. CEP is a job distribution and sourcing software suite enabling recruiters to find more and higher quality candidates. Both software suites have been utilized by multiple recruitment firms and companies including Yell.com, Camelot Global Services, and Swinton Insurance. Broadbean was acquired by CareerBuilder in 2017.

  • Designed B2B HR management tools (CSP) for enterprise organizations.
  • Led UI / UX design for data analytics software (BDAS) marketed to enterprise organizations.
  • Helped build global CareerBuilder design library for cross-team consistency.
  • Conducted user research and feedback sessions to understand needs and business requirements for services.
  • Designed task-oriented user workflows for wireframes to maximize efficiency.
  • Determined technical boundaries for development that may influence production, and provided design solutions.

University of California, Irvine - 2012
Business Economics & Political Science

EdX (UT AustinX) - 2018
Foundations of Data Analysis

Coursera (Stanford University) - 2018
Machine Learning

Coursera (IBM) - 2017
Python for Data Science